Hi Ben,

> Apologies if this is already answered elsewhere -- I didn't see it.  What
> should the file permissions and ownership be for the tcprules tcp.smtp file
> in order to enable vpopmail pop-before-smtp roaming user support?  In other
> words, for qmail/vpopmail to temporarily add an IP address for
> pop-before-stmp temp-relay support, what setup do I need?

vpopmail doesn't need to write to tcp.smtp (as you can see, the file
never changes, even not without roaming users). tcp.smtp only contains
_static_ rules for allowing/disallowing connections and relaying.

vpopmail saves relaying information in ~vpopmail/etc/open-smtp, and it
creates tcp.smtp.cdb (which is used by tcpserver) from both tcp.smtp and

In short, you need:

- read permissions on tcp.smtp
- write permissions on tcp.smtp.cdb

Judge for yourself if relaying data is sensible or not, to decide if you
want these files to be group- or world-readable, or not.


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