Hi Jesse,

> Will qmail-queue give me access to the RELAYCLIENT environment variable?

It should, as it's a subsequent process of tcpserver -> qmail-smtpd. You
should ask the author of the QMAILQUEUE patch; we're on the vpopmail
list, and this is a non-issue here.

> I'm talking about spam in my users inboxes.

I don't see how your approach means anything for spam reaching your
user's inboxes.

> > 4) You do not prohibit anybody in the world to send mail to anybody in
> > the world using one of your domains in his envelope sender address.
> Not sure what you mean by this.

You said in your first post: "Implementing it would greatly reduce spam
with forged headers claiming to be from one of my customers."

Let's say I'm a spammer and send mail appearing to be from
[EMAIL PROTECTED] That's clearly a spam mail "with forged
headers claiming to be from one of [your] customers".

If you patch your mail server, it doesn't mean that I couldn't continue
doing so. It simply changes nothing. The spam in your customer's inboxes
rarely comes from addresses that are forged to use a domain of you.

Reading your original post, your filtering rule is based on the question
if the sender is allowed to relay, and if he is using one of your
domains as the sender address. But the spam that goes into the inboxes
of your customers is _not_ coming from these domains, and the originator
is _not_ allowed to relay. So I simply don't get what kind of mail you
want to eliminate. The filtering rule you offered doesn't stop spam to
your inboxes in any way, and prohibits that I cannot send mail to
accounts on your server when using one of your domains in the sender
address, but not using your SMTP server to relay - yes, you can extend
your tcp.smtp to allow it, but I simply don't see a reason why you
forbid me to send mails to you the way I described!

> I'd like to note here that I see three possibilities for implementing
> this functionality:

Let's have a look at that part if we I or some other list members have
clearly understood what you want, and why. It still sounds like the
wrong approach using a wrong technique to a wrong problem. :)

Anyway, it's a non-issue on the vpopmail list and should be taken over
to the qmail list.


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