I believe it writes the warning message direct into the user's Maildir

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Michael - 
Thanks for the reply, however it begs a follow up question. If I put full
headers in the file, does vpopmail write the quota message directly into the
users maildir, or does it use qmail-inject to run the message through the
normal local delivery path?
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vpopmail supports custom quota warning messages already. 
It does the following : 
looks for a .quotawarn.msg file in the domain's directory 
(ie vpopmail/domains/domainname) 
if it cant find on there then it looks in the domain root directory 
(ie vpopmail/domains) 
So, all you need to do is create your custom quota warning file 
(including custom "From" and "Reply-To" headers) and place 
it into the domain's directory and you are right to go. 
An example of the format if this file can be found in the 
quotawarn.msg file that is in the vpopmail source dir. 
There also is some basic info in the README.quotas file 
in the vpopmail source dir 

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Subject: [vchkpw] customizing quota messages 

> I'm new to the list, however I've searched the archives and couldn't find 
> answer to this, nor could I find it in the docs, so I think I'm not 
> duplicating a previous question. 
> I run a site where I have users in a dozen or so domains, and need to 
> customize the quota warn messages, not with custom internal text, but to 
> the reply-to and other header information to reflect the appopriate 
> I'm using vpopmail 5.2.1 with qmail and courier imap/pop. Is this 
> functionality supported in 5.3 or do I need to patch 5.2.1 to support 
> Also, if I do patch it and make it flexible, would there be interest in my

> submitting said patches for inclusion in future versions? I'd really like 
> see this functionality added, and am willing to do the heavy lifting to 
> it working, however I'd rather not have to continue to maintain an 
> independent patchset if at all possible. 
> Thanks in advance, 
> Nicholas Harring 
> System Administrator 
> Webley Systems, Inc. 

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