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> Michael -
> Thanks for the reply, however it begs a follow up question. If I put full
> headers in the file, does vpopmail write the quota message directly into the
> users maildir, or does it use qmail-inject to run the message through the
> normal local delivery path?
> Thanks,
> Nick

the easiest way i see that from code is using .quotawarn.msg 

   /* Look in the domain for a .quotawarn.msg */
    sprintf(quotawarnmsg, "%s/.quotawarn.msg", TheDomainDir);
    if ( ((fdin=open(quotawarnmsg, O_RDONLY)) < 0) ||
           (stat(quotawarnmsg, &sb)<0)) {

        /* if that fails look in vpopmail dir */
        sprintf(quotawarnmsg, "%s/domains/.quotawarn.msg", VPOPMAILDIR);
        if ( ((fdin=open(quotawarnmsg, O_RDONLY)) < 0) ||
              (stat(quotawarnmsg, &sb)<0)) {

changing all fopen .quotawarn.msg to user side and give user each own quotawarn msg 
with his to: header

the other way is full debug on source to get user address and make some parse message 
to user

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