> >When a message arrives and is delivered by vdelivermail,
  > >the quotas are enforced.  It also updates the maildirsize
  > >file (and uses the maildir++ naming conventions) thereby
  > >updating the maildir++ quota usage that is shared amongst
  > >all maildir++ compatible software.
  > >
  > > From what I understand of maildir++, all the programs like
  > >the POP, IMAP, and any maildir++ compatable software should
  > >maintain the maildirsize file(s) for each folder, including
  > >INBOX, so the usage should remain the same when moving messages
  > >between folders.  The usage should be restored when deleting
  > >a message.
  > It's all right when you receive messages because all the check is done in 
  > the receiving phase (vedelivermail). All right the same if you move 
  > messages between folders (sizes don't change).
  > But what happens when you create messages with sqwebmail or squirrelmail & 
  > courier, or copy them to a remote IMAP server from your local folder?
  > When you create a message or upload an attach, and keep them inside your 
  > "Sent" folder, vdelivermail is not used, so single users may create and 
  > store messages until their personal ".maildirsize" let them do it. So they 
  > may overflow domain quota.
  > Tonino
I don't believe the "Sent" folder keeps track of any size.
I looked and don't see any "maildirsize" files in "Sent" folders.
So it doesn't look like it counts against either user or domain
quotas.  You'll have to take a look at the spec to be sure.
I don't believe the Trash folder keeps track of size either.

In any case, you can use system quotas if you want to bypass
any/all of this to make sure everything is accounted for.



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