Hi Ryan,

> I am having a peculiar problem with the vadddomain command.

Are you really having a _problem_, meaning, the domain doesn't work?

> When i run this to add a domain: (vadddomain testing.com), it goes
> through the password prompt and when complete returns no errors.
> However, it seems to be adding a 0 (zero) to the end of the path.  For
> example, when adding domain testing.com, the path is
> /vpopmail/domains/0/testing.com, where it normally is
> /vpopmail/domains/testing.com.

That's not a bug, but the first occurence of the "balanced tree" feature
of vpopmail that applies both to the number of domains and to the number
of users in a given domain. As the feature page tells you, vpopmail
supports up to 23 million domains. At some point, it simply starts to
organize its domains into subdirectories for faster access. It shouldn't
lead to any actual problems.


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