On Wednesday 26 March 2003 08:53 pm, Moshe Jacobson wrote:
> On 27 Mar 2003, Jonas Pasche wrote:
> > That's not a bug, but the first occurence of the "balanced tree" feature
> > of vpopmail that applies both to the number of domains and to the number
> > of users in a given domain.
> I have a little beef with the "balanced tree" thing.  I started out by
> adding about 120 domains to my mail server, and it of course put about
> 20 into the "0/" subdirectory. The problem is, I deleted about 20 of
> them (which mostly all came out of the base directory)... and now,
> when I create new ones, it doesn't put them in the base dir even
> though there is still room there for more, but it just continues
> creating them in the 0/ subdirectory.  Is this intended? 
I called it cutting corners or opertunitist programming.
By the time I had the "add a new user/directory" code 
working I didn't have time to update the "delete a user/directory"
feature to support backing up in the balenced tree. This leads to
"domain rot" if you will. The code also does not support
filling in holes or rebalencing. A safe rebalence batch
program might be more useful. It would be easier to
write wouldn't break the current code.

Feel free to crack open the code and add in the features you want. 

You can also use the --enable-users-big-dir=n configure option
to put all the domains/users in the same dir.

Ken Jones

> Why doesn't
> it create new domains in the highest possible directory?
> Thanks,
> Moshe

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