On 27 Mar 2003, Jonas Pasche wrote:
> That's not a bug, but the first occurence of the "balanced tree" feature
> of vpopmail that applies both to the number of domains and to the number
> of users in a given domain. 

I have a little beef with the "balanced tree" thing.  I started out by
adding about 120 domains to my mail server, and it of course put about
20 into the "0/" subdirectory. The problem is, I deleted about 20 of
them (which mostly all came out of the base directory)... and now,
when I create new ones, it doesn't put them in the base dir even
though there is still room there for more, but it just continues
creating them in the 0/ subdirectory.  Is this intended? Why doesn't
it create new domains in the highest possible directory?


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