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>>Are you sure the _bounce_ gets directed and delivered to $SENDER _AND_
>>Usually postmaster only gets double-bounces, stating "... but the bounce
>>bounced. ..." in the very beginning of the mail.

> ok bounces the the default postmaster when the sender is bogus so it
> doesn't send twice.
> So I guess my problem is how do I get those bounces to goto the virtual
> email postmaster and not the default mail server postmaster?

You don't. Unless you hack qmail, and maybe even vpopmail, to set:

1.) the bounce From address to one belonging to that particular
    virtual domain
2.) qmail to recognize the original "From" in the bounce that double
    bounces and sent the double bounce information to
    Remember: the bounce will not have any return path, so this is no
    indicator for anything.

But I don't see any reason why you'd like the postmaster of a virtual
domain get the double bounce. I don't see any reason why you should
get it on your normal postmaster account. Set 'doublebounceto' in
/var/qmail/control (man qmail-control), and maybe 'doublebouncehost',
and put those double bounces to a special mailbox, or even /dev/null.
Usually they're only an indicator for spam being bounced. I've never
seen a useful double bounce when my mail system is set up correctly.
In the very beginning, with lots of testings set up, e.g. forwarders
that swap a lot and so on, I got some double bounces I needed for
finding the "lack", but now every double bounce indicates only: the
sender has forged the origin and _I_ am not interested anymore in
investigating such issues.
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