The problem is actually related to the permissions on the /etc dir.

Now if you want to go with the database patch that Matt Simerson has... You
need to use the -X option in your tcpserver line instead of the -x which
uses the tcp.smtp file.

The patch is applied to tcpserver, but not to vpopmail which still
recompiles tcp.stmp.cdb on each iteration... So I believe that is what is
causing your problem.

p.txt for further information.

If you want to have proper permission control on your tcp.smtp file...
create a subdirectory under /etc (perhaps something ultra clever like
./vpopmail or other) and set the permissions so vpopmail can write to that

Tom Walsh
Network Administrator

::Clearly it's trying to dump the database and re-write tcp.smtp
::based on the
::values in mysql, but I'd prefer to use the tcpserver hack that queries the
::same database and defines RELAYCLIENT instead of looking at a
::Does anyone know why this is happening?
::Can I disable it and just use mysql for relaying instead of constantly
::recompiling the CDB file?  (I'm letting users SMTP from one
::machine and pop
::from another)

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