After making those changes, and additionally adding /var/qmail/users and /var/qmail/control to group writeable, group vchkpw, I now get domain does not exist errors. Strace indicates that it wrote all of the files, however one problem is that it resets the mode to 644 in each place. The other problem is that it now returns with a "Domain does not exist" error instead of simply segfaulting.
I can provide the complete strace if anyone is interested.
Nicholas Harring
System Administrator
Webley Systems, Inc
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Is there a way around this limitation by modifying permissions on the affected files in /var/qmail/control and /var/qmail/users? The setup I run doesn't allow root access to the vpopmail/domains directory, and so I'd like to be able to add domains as vpopmail rather than remounting my NFS vpopmail/domains directory each time I need to add/remove a domain.

Try this -- no guarantees that it will work.

Make the following files group writable and change the group to vchkpw:











I think that covers all of the files that could be modified by the vpopmail programs.


Tom Collins


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