Hi, there.

I'm using qmail, vpopmail, courier-imap, mysql to building email system. All
of them are stable release version.

Now I got some problem:

1, qmail, vpopmail, courier-imap (qmail-pop3d), mysql, all of them work
2, I can send email to my virtual domain's user. and check the email from
imap and pop3 client.
3, I'm using Outlook Express as my email client (for both pop3 and imap)
4, My problem is: By using Outlook Express IMAP client, I can NOT create,
delete, subscribe or list any folders except INBOX. I do have "Root Folder
Path" set as "INBOX.". I tried to use telnet to connect to 143 port, and run
IMAP command directly, no problem. Just can not do these operations in
Outlook Express. Since I don't have other email client, I was not able to
test it with other email client.
5, I used to setup email system by qmail, courier-imap with system passwd
authorization without problem. So I'm think if it's vpopmail problem.

Another question is: Do I had to run vadddomain command as root? I tried to
run it as vpopmail, looks like subfolder for domain been created, database
tables been created, but still report error. and vdominfo told me no domain
exists. So where does vpopmail store these virtual domain infomation except
in mysql database?

Any comments, tips will be appreciate. Thanks


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