> Reifers is also a filesystem with dynamic Inode allocation, but in my
> stress tests it fails under heavy SMP-Load and it has problems with NFS.
> Last it was unusable to be a cluster FS, because the standby host didn't
> see any file the origin hosts sees.

Hmm -- I am running a 15k-user ISP mail system on Reiserfs on SW RAID1, 
exporting the 'domains' directory via NFS to the actual SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 
servers, all over IPSec.  The edge servers handle all the virus/spam 
scanning and deliver directly into the NFS mounted Maildirs, and the users 
can contact any edge server (usually routed to the closest one via a little 
DNS magic) to pick up and send their mail.

No SMP here, but no problems so far, either, even under heavy NFS load.  I'd 
eventually like to have the mail spool server as a two or three node 
(geographically distant) cluster, but I may have to move to AFS for that.  
I was originally looking at various DFSs but CODA and Intermezzo are both 
way too immature at this point, and AFS had no decent documentation.  I was 
also under the impression that XFS was not a suitable FS, but I have to 
admit I did not look too hard.

Do you have some resources on XFS and what to look out for?


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