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Hi Ajai,

> The new mail server is running Linux and qmail+vpopmail+MySQL :-)
> All this is great but I need to somehow calculate how many file system 
> inodes I need to move these mailboxes and support 2800 users. Does 
> anyone have any formulas/rules-of-thumb/tips ? Also, what would be an 
> appropriate block size for the fs?

You should use a filesystem with dynamic Inode allocation. I use XFS - it is 
incredibel fast and a journaling filesystem. It is even NFS-proof, so you can 
export your vpopmail-home to multiple hosts.

IMHO you should not use ext[23], because hosting 1.500.000 emails, stored in 
Maildirs, you will not see a good performance.

Reifers is also a filesystem with dynamic Inode allocation, but in my stress 
tests it fails under heavy SMP-Load and it has problems with NFS. Last it was 
unusable to be a cluster FS, because the standby host didn't see any file the 
origin hosts sees.

So feel free to make your own tests - this is meant to be my experience.

Jens Jahr

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