Hi, linuman

Did you tested properly that it is clearing the open
relay. I tested by manualy running the command it
din't clear the open relay.

I finished to test properly. You can't erase manually IP. Because vpopmail erase automatically IP. clearopensmtp soon can't erase IP.

clearopensmtp manual is the following

clearopensmtp - remove old IP's added after pop authentication

In the above, you must check "old".

vpopmail can be configured to allow pop users IP's to be added to the list of IP's which are allowed to relay through the smtp server. This is done with the --enable-roaming-users=y option. With this option, users IP's who authenitcate via pop are added to the list of IP's which can relay through the smtp server. The smtp server must be run with tcpserver -x filename option.

Each authenticated pop users IP is added with a time stamp. Every time clearopensmtp is run, this list is checked for time stamps which are older than the --enable-relay-clear-minutes option. The default is 360 minutes or 3 hours. Any IP with a time stamp older than this number are removed from the list.

clearopenstmp rebuilds the tcp.smtp.cdb file with the list of static IP's stored in tcp.smtp and the list of IP's in open-smtp.

In the above, you must check "--enable-relay-clear-minutes".

If it realy clears pls let me know which file it will

Please refer my original cron and cdb script.

Note: Insted of putting 59 lines of cron job you can
put it in single line to run every second.

0-59/1 * * * * /path/to/qmail/script cdb

Thank you for your advice. I was said my japanese friend, too, the same.

Regards, Yasuyuki Toyoda From Japan Tokyo

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