Hi, Ganesh Netravali

Hey there is nothing to feel ashame. language is just
to convey the matter and feelings thats it, thats what
I feel. Now a days lots of indians are learning
japanis language to establish the good all kind of
relationship with Japan.

That's sounds good. I'm sure that your efforts never waste in the future. I heard Indian generally are sharp at math. In the future India will overtop Japan.

Note: Whenever you are communicationg with others in
different language forget your mother toung for time
being. The problem comes when you try to translate your
mother toung in other language and convey the same
thig with whoom you are talking.

I'm helped your advice. Thank you.

By the way how old r you?

I'm 28 years old. I'm embedded software engineer. I belong to ROAD.co.ltd, my company. my company's URL is the following. http://www.roadmap.co.jp/index_e.html

Yasuyuki Toyoda
From Japan, Tokyo

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