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Please try to get used answering _below_ the orignal mail _AFTER_
deleting unnecessary parts from quotes.
Fullquotes are unnecessary, ugly, bloat and bad to read.
The same applies to TopPosts (aswer above question).

On Tue, 24 Jun 2003 18:41:10 +0530 VJ.Srinivasan \(JINIS\) wrote:
>>> there are probably a million other reasons, which i
>>> will not name here.
>> Thank god for that!! :o))
>> Come on VJ, give us something more to go on ..

> Sorry for the late reply......
> Mysql auth.
> vpopmail 5.0

OK. There were one more _IMORTANT_ question in Justins mail:

 - you don't seem to have qmail installed (at least not for the pop3 
 part), which pop3 server and how does it interact with vpopmail?

Another _very_ important (and regularily asked) question is:

What do the logs say?

If vchkpw fails to authenticate it _usually_ logs the fact and a
reason to syslog. W/o this information (and the name+version of
POP3-daemon + how it invokes vchkpw) we'll only end up "guessing around"
instead of having the chance to help.

> "You don't have to be great to start But 
> You have to start to be great"

Than ... START ... provide details, don't obfuscate, think youself what
might be important and don't wait 'til we got every important detail

P.S.: _PLEASE_: don't even think about CC-ing me in your reply. I am, as well
as Chris and anybod else on this list, receiving the list. So relpying here
_is enough_. I don't need a private copy!

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