Do you know any site which is running online to configure vpopmail....
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> Hi VJ.Srinivasan,
> [TopPosting corrected]
> Please try to get used answering _below_ the orignal mail _AFTER_
> deleting unnecessary parts from quotes.
> Fullquotes are unnecessary, ugly, bloat and bad to read.
> The same applies to TopPosts (aswer above question).
> On Tue, 24 Jun 2003 18:41:10 +0530 VJ.Srinivasan \(JINIS\) wrote:
> >>> there are probably a million other reasons, which i
> >>> will not name here.
> >> Thank god for that!! :o))
> >>
> >> Come on VJ, give us something more to go on ..
> > Sorry for the late reply......
> > Mysql auth.
> > vpopmail 5.0
> OK. There were one more _IMORTANT_ question in Justins mail:
>  - you don't seem to have qmail installed (at least not for the pop3
>  part), which pop3 server and how does it interact with vpopmail?
> Another _very_ important (and regularily asked) question is:
> What do the logs say?
> If vchkpw fails to authenticate it _usually_ logs the fact and a
> reason to syslog. W/o this information (and the name+version of
> POP3-daemon + how it invokes vchkpw) we'll only end up "guessing around"
> instead of having the chance to help.
> > "You don't have to be great to start But
> > You have to start to be great"
> Than ... START ... provide details, don't obfuscate, think youself what
> might be important and don't wait 'til we got every important detail
> one-by-one.
> P.S.: _PLEASE_: don't even think about CC-ing me in your reply. I am, as
> as Chris and anybod else on this list, receiving the list. So relpying
> _is enough_. I don't need a private copy!
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