On Wed, Jun 25, 2003 at 09:33:36PM -0700, Tom Collins wrote:
> This is a bug in vdelivermail.c, in the section of code after the 
> following comment:
>         /* use the DTLINE variable, but skip past the dash in
>          * [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>          */
> Basically, it assumes the first dash separates the domain name from the 
> email address.  The solution might be to find the '@' in DTLINE, 
> determine the length of the domain name (@ to trailing NULL) and skip 
> that many bytes from the beginning of the address.
> Maybe it's better to use other environment variables (USER, HOST, 
> LOCAL, RECIPIENT?) to build the delivered-to header.

I'm looking at the code, and I see that this generation of Delivered-To seems to be 
special. Other places generate that header use this:

        /* Set the Delivered-To: header */
        if ( strcmp( address, bounce) == 0 ) {
            snprintf(DeliveredTo, AUTH_SIZE, 
                "%sDelivered-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]", getenv("RPLINE"),
                 TheUser, TheDomain);

What's wrong with using this way all the time? Is it because it's a catch-all address? 
Is there anything wrong with just [EMAIL PROTECTED] in this special case?

Thanks for your help!


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