Joseph Young
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I have been running SA and qmail-scanner on separate server that routes the
email to server. On the server,I am using the latest development qmailadmin.
It have spam options included it at the user level. It pipes the email
through a maildrop filter script into a IMAP folder. If you would like a
copy of my script, I will post it.


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On Thursday, June 26, 2003, at 01:23  PM, Jeff Garvas wrote:
> I highly suggest installing qmail-scanner and reading the howto for
> using
> spam assassin with it.

I don't like the overhead of qmail-scanner, so I'm just using
qmail-spamc as a replacement for qmail-queue.  Take a look at the qmail
directory of SpamAssassin for the source to qmail-spamc and
instructions on how to use it.

Tom Collins

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