Hi Bård,

On Tue, 15 Jul 2003 20:51:24 +0200 Bård Tommy Nilsen wrote:

> Ok, cause when i checked it through www.abuse.net it said that my server
> was open for relay.

Well, if I tell you you've to jump out the windows in 10th floor you're
gonna jump?

> <<< 250 martine.fjord-data.no 

Is the domain 'test.sonen.no' handled by 'martine.fjord-data.no'? Is
this server authorative for handling mails to this domain?

1.) No? Than you _have_ a problem. You're accepting mail for a domain you
        maybe don't want to handle. You're a relay. 
        See 2.b.). If the described scenario is your case you're not an
        "open relay".
        If 2.b.) does not appliy you are an "open relay".

2.) Yes? Are they handled locally (e.g. by vpopmail)?
    a.) Yes too? THAT'S NOT RELAYING! No matter what anybody else sais,
        RELAYING it is *ONLY* if you accept mail for hosts and/or
        domains that is /NOT/ handled locally.
    b.) No? This can be intentionally, e.g. if you have a mail gateway
        that forwards messages to a different host in your network which
        handles the messages finally. But it's /INTENDED/ relaying. Not
        an "open relay". Open relay you only are if you accept mail for
        arbitrary domains.

> If you dont recieve it then its not a relay (Its still a Bad Thing (TM)
> that it accepted)

Stupid nonsense!

> So this is normal, or have I done something wrong ??

Your qmail accepted a message for an address it is configured for per
'rcpthosts', what should be wrong with this?

P.S.: Your quoting style is horrible. Please reconsider changing it to
the so called "inline quoting" as you see it in this mail. This makes
reading a whole thread more easy, it allows following the topic _a lot_
easier and reduced the size of messages as you automatically trim down
the quotes instead of full quoting the original message every time
(which is unnecessary in 99% of the times it's used).

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