Because your setting only effects the postmaster user when you open
domain with vQadmin, then vqadmin sets a domain quota, after that
qmailadmin use that domain quota for a default quota. I am almost sure
your postmaster user doesnt have any quota, right? When you use vQadmin
you should set the domain quota to something. Honestly I never wanted to
disable it so I dont know what to write there. Perhaps n or something. Or
a very big number would do.

Did this help? :) 


PS. FreeBSD :) good choice...

On Fri, 8 Aug 2003, Steve Schofield wrote:

> I'm installing VPOPMAIL 5.3.20 from the ports on FreeBSD 4.8 release.
> Everything installs but I can't figure out why the hard quota always shows
> up even though I put in the configure HARDQUOTA=n in the Makefile, I've
> compiled it with no quotas and yet when I finally get around to adding email
> accounts via QmailAdmin it says my quota is 10 meg?  Any help or direction
> would be appreciated.
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