On Wednesday 23 July 2003 10:47, Rick Macdougall wrote:
> Hi,
> Manually edit the vpasswd files and add a : to the end of lines missing
> it.  Then run mkpasswd domain.com, voila!
> In other words, the newer versions of vpopmail require a : (or :500000s)
> on the end of each line, where 500000s is a quota.

it seems to me that the newer versions of vpopmail should automatically add 
this extra : to the end of lines which are missing it, if there was a file 
format change from one version to another.

either that, or provide a conversion program with the newer versions that 
will fix vpasswd files created by older versions. if nothing else, a quick 
perl script can do this. i may write one, if somebody can send me a sample 
of what the "old format" vpasswd file looks like (all of my boxes are 
running 5.2.1 right now.)

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