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Sent: Thursday, July 24, 2003 1:44 AM
Subject: Re: [vchkpw] troubles with vpopbull: users disappeared

> On Wednesday, July 23, 2003, at 08:26  AM, John Simpson wrote:
> > it seems to me that the newer versions of vpopmail should
> > automatically add
> > this extra : to the end of lines which are missing it, if there was a
> > file
> > format change from one version to another.
> The current 5.3 series does that, and I'm back-porting some of the
> bugfixes from 5.3 for a 5.2.2 release.  So far, 5.2.2 includes this
> patch, and the missing-backslash fix to mysql.h.  If anyone else knows
> of outstanding problems with 5.2 (that were hopefully fixed in 5.3),
> please let me know.

vpopmail 5.2.2 should include the parse_email function from vpopmail-5.3.5

The updated parse_email function from 5.3.5 fixes the problem that forces
people to configure/compile courier-imap/sqwebmail "--without-authdaemon"



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