On Wed, 2003-07-23 at 17:26, John Simpson wrote:
> it seems to me that the newer versions of vpopmail should automatically add 
> this extra : to the end of lines which are missing it, if there was a file 
> format change from one version to another.
> either that, or provide a conversion program with the newer versions that 
> will fix vpasswd files created by older versions. if nothing else, a quick 
> perl script can do this. i may write one, if somebody can send me a sample 
> of what the "old format" vpasswd file looks like (all of my boxes are 
> running 5.2.1 right now.)

the old version was something like

<username>:<password>:<uid>:<gid>:<full name>:<maildir>:<quota>

while the new version could be either:

<username>:<password>:<uid>:<gid>:<full name>:<maildir>:<quota>:


name>:<maildir>:<quota>:<cleartext password>

So it should be enough to check that every line has at least 7 fields,
and 7 colons. It might have 8 fields (cleartext password) but it does
not require another colon after the <cleartex password> field. 


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