Zitat von lixiang <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

>    i use vpopmail-5.3.20, openldap-2.0.27 and enable --ldap=y.
>    i added a domain for example: test.com,  it's normal, then i delete this
> domain, it reports:error: success.  it seems strange? and i find that this
> domain's directory has been deleted  in ~vpopmail/domains .  but when i add
> this domain test.com again, then it reports:
> domain already exsits.   if i ./vdeldomain test.com, it then reports: error:
> Domain does not exist.


this is a known bug in vpopmail.c which doesnot check if deletetion has been 
finished. I posted a patch for that half a year ago, but it has been refused !

You can download it at:

See my announcementposting !


You will have to delete this test.com manually but for any adding/deleting 
domains etc this patch will handle an error.

Please try it and send me feedback, because I am willing to suport users using 
LDAP !!!


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