On Thursday, July 24, 2003, at 12:28 PM, Charles Sprickman wrote:
Just checking, is the SF stuff in full effect at this point for qmailadmin
and vpopmail? Should all patches, bugs, etc. be posted there? Will that
make it easier for you and the other developers to track things?

Yes, we are making full use of SourceForge for both projects. It will be helpful to have you post Bug Reports, Feature Requests and Patches there for our review.

I also recommend logging in if at all possible. That way, if we followup on your tracker item, SF will automatically email you with the followup.

SF automatically emails me copies of every new item posted to both projects. There's no need to assign an entry to me -- leaving it as nobody is best, because then we'll know that no one has claimed it yet. Eventually, I hope to assign bug reports and feature requests to different developers to spread the load.

I guess now is as good an opportunity as any to announce that I will be on vacation from July 25 through August 1. I will be releasing QmailAdmin 1.0.25 and Vpopmail 5.3.22 before the end of the day, and following up on any bugs found when I return.

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