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From: Jens Gassmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: [vchkpw] Backup Emailserver?
Date: 25/07/03 12:06

> Hi,
> how do you backup your emailserver forwards precipitate?  Can I backup
> with rsync simply /home/vpopmail and/var/qmail/ on a second server?
> About ideas and suggestion I would be pleased.
> Thanks and greetings
> Jens Gassmann
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I've also got a question on this topic:
If I have a primary, and a backup mailserver, and the primary goes off, how
do I automatically redirect clients to the backup mailserver? And how does
one keep the username /password database synced? The other question is, what
happens when the primary comes back online again? How do clients get their
email from the backup server? Do I manually have to copy all the mail onto
the primary server again?


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