While I am not sure exactly how this works....

UUNET provides backup SMTP for me. I have an e-mail server at my site, should my site go down for any particular reason they catch my e-mail, and then when my site is back up all the e-mail starts rolling in.

Now I know this is handled partialy by my MX record for the domain to whit:


MX priority 10 mail.mydomain.com
MX priority 15 mail.myisp.com

I am pretty sure that even if you have two physical servers thats how you would set it up. As to how to get one server to recieve _everything_, unconditionaly, and then every know and then look to see if your primary server was alive, then forward everything it had received to your primary server and ONLY your primary server is a mystery to me. I know at one time that you had to perform an ETRN _from your primary server_ to get the backup smtp server to start sending all the stuff it collected for you while you were down, but I dont think that is the case anymore, your millage may very.

It would seem to me you would want your secondary mail server someplace other then on the network that your primary is should you internet connection go down.

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how do you backup your emailserver forwards precipitate?  Can I backup
with rsync simply /home/vpopmail and/var/qmail/ on a second server?

About ideas and suggestion I would be pleased.

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