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> I don't mean any offense and if it works for you, great, but I'm not
> going to jump through hoops to answer someone's question(s).

Well, it does work for me rather well, except for (ironically) family
members who appear too dumb to read a message... But I'm sure we all have
those types.
> My personal experience is most admin's are like this, we just shrug it
> off and hit delete.  They want us to jump through hoops to answer, we
> just don't reply.

Well, being in the same boat, I simply set up a rule/filter which responds
to TMDA challenges with an automatic response, and files the
challenge/response/confirmation away. No interaction needed on my part, and
the lines of communication remain open. Very simple, really.

> Just my $0.02, for what it's worth.

No, thanks, I get the occasional negative response to TMDA (the vast
majority of respondents like it), so I'm always curious why, in fact,
certain folks dislike it.

Just as an aside - your response, by the way, confirmed that you have seen
and acknowledged the challenge, and responding to the challenge probably
took less than this thread :-)  Either way, I'm happy that you responded
publicly, as this is information that might help others as well.
> Oh, and I top post and I reply all :)  Come on Tony, Flame me :)

LOL! 'Reply All' is my favorite activity to family members that spam me with
junk/hoaxes -- just to berate them. One public humiliation is normally all
it takes to make those stop. Ah, if only it were that easy :-)

Thanks for your response,


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