>> And btw, I don't do responses to TDMA or tdma type systems :)  So
>> you'll have to get your answer from the list.
> Just curious - why do you not 'do responses' to TMDA systems?
Well, I may not be Rick Macdougall but I'll tell you why I don't...
because it's a pain in the ass!  It adds extra traffic, and it's a pain to
send an e-mail only to get a response back saying you need to jump thru
some hoops in order to get the e-mail to the intended person.  On a list,
you're often replying to someone out of kindness (ie:  answering their
questions free of charge) so to be asked to do extra work is kind of "bad

Most importantly, if you are a business and you work with new clients all
the time, they WON'T take kindly to the whole "reply" thing...even if they
only have to do it once.  You NEVER want to put a client thru extra crap
just to communicate with you.

My opinion:  it's an interesting idea...that should never be used in a
professional environment.

But then again, that's just me :)


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