Alright, thanks for the tips on vconvert - I have, in the meantime, found
out that it is one of the worst documented utilities. Heck, not even inter7
has a decent man page for it. I think that vconvert -c -m will
do the trick, though (or just vconvert -c -m for all domains).

That's where the present 'rub' is, though.

The scenario:

- I have the new server, set up with qmail-toaster, and vpopmail 5.38,
qmailadmin 1.06. All configured for mysql.

- I have data from the legacy server, with standard cdb files in the
vpopmail configuration without mysql.

So, while obviously I can just drop over the content of
/home/vpopmail/domains into the new location, that doesn't really convince
qmail to see any of those domains, and consequently vconvert doesn't see
them either.


- what else, besides dropping the content of /domains/ in place, do I need
to do / copy over from the prior installation in order for the domains to be
recognized by qmail, qmailadmin, and hence vconvert?



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