Hello -

I recently installed vpopmail 5.3.20 from freebsd
ports. I used Matt Simerson's FreeBSD Qmail Toaster
scripts to install it (it uses ports).

That installed without problem. I installed
courier-imap and squirrelmail as well as sqwebmail. I
noticed today that I can log into any of the accounts
via sqwebmail with any password. I can literally put
in "xxx" for the password on my e-mail account and it
will let me in. I tried it on squirrelmail with the
same problem. So, then I tried simply logging into the
POP3 account with "xyz" as the password. It, too, let
me in with full access.

This is bad - obviously. Anyone care to shed some
light on what I need to do to get this fixed ASAP. I
upgraded from 4.9.x and use mysql4 for authentication.

Any and all help is appreciated.

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