> Do you have just maildrop or /usr/local/bin/maildrop?  That might
> not be on vpopmail's path.  Is /usr/local/bin/maildrop actually there?
> If you cd into the sofast.net domain then cd .. and do an ls,
> do you see mailfilter in the listing?
As already stated, this solution has been working for approximately 6
months.  Mail is being delivered perfectly.  Spam filtering is great.  The
only problem that has occurred is with forwards created in .qmail files
placed in an account's base directory alongside the Maildir/ directory.

> Oh, and have you done a mailq do see if they really have vanished or if
> they're deferred?
I showed you the complete log chain before, it says the message is
delivered, no deferral occurs, and there's nothing in the local queue.

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