Benjamin Tomhave wrote:
I just setup a test account, [EMAIL PROTECTED], and then logged into
qmailadmin and setup a forward to go to my work account,
[EMAIL PROTECTED]  I sent an email from my work account to my test
account, and I see the below information.  Possibly of interest is that the
.Spam folder was dynamically created, meaning that despite having the
forward in place (in the .qmail file) maildrop is still being called and
SpamAssassin is being run against the message.  I'm currently doing spam
filtering with maildrop on a domain-wide level, not on a per-user level, and
I'm wondering if maildrop is not able to process the .qmail file correctly?
In the case of valid mail, the list thing the mailfilter would do is deliver

Where is maildrop being called? In the .qmail-default file of the domain? What's it look like?

And is the test message you sent in the [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailbox?


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