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(Cross-posting to vchkpw and qmailadmin mailing lists.)

IMO we are getting way too many cross postings of problems. Most of us are on both lists anyway, please try to choose only one list.

I'm currently running qmailadmin 1.0.25 and vpopmail 5.3.20 (been waiting
for a 5.4 release). When users login to qmailadmin with their personal,
non-postmaster accounts and create a forward, a .qmail file is created in
the account/ directory, at the same level as Maildir. This does not appear
to be getting processed correctly as the messages appear to disappear into
oblivion (w/o so much as a bounce).

Any messages in the qmail log? Are they checking "Save a Copy"?

 I've typically always manually setup
forward as .qmail-account in the domain's base directory, not through use of
.qmail files in the user's directory.

.qmail files in the user's directory is the correct place to put user specific processing rules.

So, what I'm wondering is a couple things. First, does my older version of
vpopmail not deal with .qmail files correctly in the user's account

It should be dealing with them properly. There were a few cases that it skipped user .qmail files: When using a /Maildir/ in the catchall setting (fixed in vpopmail 5.3.21), and when using a /Maildir/ in the .qmail-files in the domain directory (how aliases used to be written in qmailadmin 1.0.20).

Second, is use of the .qmail file the best/correct
implementation, or was this "fixed" in 1.0.26 (which I haven't had time to
compile yet) by reverting back to the .qmail-account format in the domain's
base directory?

Use of the .qmail file in the user's directory is the correct implementation.


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