Hey Raymond,

please send answers to the list only; I'm subscribed.

> ./configure \
> [...]
>   --enable-mysql=y \
> [...]

Ah, you used MySQL. In that case, open relay information is stored in
your MySQL database, not in open-smtp. I never used the MySQL setup; so
I cannot tell anything more about it.

> When it was done, I went looking for the open-smtp file. I can not find
> it. I did a search of my whole computer and no luck.

No need to search "the whole computer". You defined it to be in
/home/vpopmail/etc, and there it should be, but as you used MySQL
(sorry, didn't notice it in the first place), it is obsolete.

> Do you know why the
> make install-strip did not create the open-smtp file?

Even without MyQL, install-strip doesn't create it. vchkpw creates it
after a successful POP3 login.

Does the date/time of /home/vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp.cdb change after a
successful POP3 login?


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