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> Well sorry I didnt see that the pop3 doesnt work :)
> By a weird chance you might have lost your execute bit in your vchkpw
> program?. Try
> chmod u+x /home/vpopmail/bin/vchkpw

Just got the info from Jonas, but you're right. The problem was exactly
that. Can't explain how I missed it, but the 5 hour looking, made me blind.
I have a similar system running in a vmware session and I thought I cehcked
that. But cutting and pasting info really does the job describing what
REALLY is there. Thanks again

> By the way you mentioned that you executed
> chown -R /home/vpopmail/domains
> but well hmm this command has the owner name missing?!
> chown -R vpopmail /home/vpopmail/domains
> is what you did right?

a typo, I'm sorry.

Max (who's very happy, right now)

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