On Thursday, September 4, 2003, at 08:08 AM, Balaji NJL wrote:
i think the reason why it happens is that vopomail
doesnt know anything about ojoobala.com. i compiled
./vadddomain as mail.ojoobala.com. the only domain i
see under home/vpopmail/domain is mail.ojoobala.com
but no ojoobala.com.

vaddaliasdomain ojoobala.com mail.ojoobala.com

You might want to actually delete mail.ojoobala.com, add ojoobala.com as the domain, and re-create mail.ojoobala.com as the alias.

Make sure mail.ojoobala.com and ojoobala.com don't appear in control/locals, but do appear in control/rcpthosts, control/virtualdomains and users/assign.

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