100% right.

it will be really a pain to have two separate sources.

and if they don't agree between, i think that ken should keep the name "vpopmail" for this product. the manner and style for the comments does not apply there. futuremore, the public can not what happened between tom and ken, making ken so angry.

and to be more specific, i think it is really "enemy inside" tactic to use sourceforge's popularity to forcibly change the head of the project - and i can somehow understand ken.

but your solution, evren, is really the best - for an commerical support/soluton provider it will be good to have/manage the stable versions.

if they can not make agreement, it will be fair if tom steps back or at least _rename_ the project - yes, change the name, tpopmail for example, and start his _own_ clone.

i think that this is becoming quite quickly a fight for the vpopmail's name. if tom cares so much for the source and the users, it is up to him to start a new product tree based on current vpopmail - and maybe inter7 can put a link to his clone on their web site even...

..but to be a god-like judge who decides who can and who can not manage the project ("own" it) ... placing himsef on a first place... nah, i can not agree with such a way to "make good" and "care" for something. anything.

wwell edi
Evren Yurtesen wrote:

I dont see why you fight over this. There should be two cvs sources anyhow
one for current development branch and one for stable releases branch.

The new features shouldnt be added to stable branch until they are
relatively bug free.

Since Tom seems to handle cutting edge stuff in the code, we need an admin
for stable releases. Ken can be stable releases admin. (I dont know how
this can be arranged in sourceforge though) Everybody can be happy this

Listen to the users, they want stable releases. Stop fighting over
vpopmail and share the responsibility. The need for stable releases is
obvious. Yet Tom seems to do excellent job in refining the code and
adding new features he seems to come short on creating stable releases.
I see a job vacancy there for Ken :) and inter7.

I think it is REALLY bad idea to have two vpopmail development going on
with different names. That would cause the development force to divide in
two also. Why not use all our force to create one properly working
vpopmail distribution instead of doing two which doesnt satisfy anyone
because of bugs or lack of features?


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