My hope, now that Ken and Tom have apparently been united in mind, is that the mailing lists, "stable" vs. "devel" issues, and what the Inter7 website and Sourceforge project pages say about vpopmail will be quickly and uniformally aligned as well.

Just consider what a new user to vpopmail would encounter if they searched Sourceforge for *this* list and its VERY helpful archives. Also consider what a newbie would find if they went to Inter7 to find current source code and development mail list(s). It's hard enough as a new user to spend time Googling to find answers, but dual, unaligned "official" web sites would be truly awful.

Again, my hope is that Ken and Tom (and all other related parties) can again gather the vpopmail resources into a unified organization with a common and well understood direction. I worry that there will be lingering confusion about who does what with whom and where, such that it will impact future adoption of the application.... It's too darned good for that!


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