On Wednesday 10 September 2003 1:14 pm, Mike Miller wrote:
> Wondering if someone can answer this for me.  I've got maybe 100 domains
> thus yet using crypt() encryption for passwords, as well as storing clear
> text [for CRAM-MD5 encryption requiring the password].
> If I just install VPOPMAIL with MD5 support, will it detect which domains
> are crypt and which are MD5? 
Yes. The crypt() function does that automatically. 

> Some of my domains don't have clear text
> passwords because they haven't changed them since before I started saving
> them.  Will a simple upgrade make all new passwords MD5 and existing
> passwords crypt for a slow migration? as passwords get updated?  I want to
> be able to use both at the same time.

I have tested that when we first added support to generate MD5 passwords.
I tested it against a domain that had both DES and MD5.

As far as I know, smtp auth with cram-md5 requires the clear text password.

Ken Jones

> Thoughts?
> -Mike
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