I have two very serious issues right now between vpopmail and Maildir 

1. Maildir++ doesn't work on NFS, or at least has serious issues with it, thus 
breaking the whole quota support thing.

2. Because of default permissions on the domains folder, I cannot add new 
domains with a different system uid, vadddomain fails with permission denied. 
Well of course, you drop to user-uid, try to chdir into ~vpopmaildomains which 
is chown vpopmail, chgrp vchkpw, chmod 700, and it will fail.

End Result: I am unable to enfore virtual quotas on vpop accounts, and also 
unable to add domains under a unique system uid to enfore system quotas per 

Although I need both, I can at least live with one, if either works...

So the whole issue is a standard issue. Qmail/Maildir are designed to run on 
NFS. Why is vpopmail deviating from the standard?

Tim Hasson

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