Hello all,

I'm wondering if anybody has tried implementing tmda on their vpopmail server(s) when qmail has been patched by chkusr.

It strikes me from initial looks that there may be a problem with incoming emails destined for a tagged email address, if qmail's smtpd modified by chkusr is looking for a real email account (or alias, etc.) by that tagged name.

That is based on the assumption that tmda is NOT accomplishing its delivery of allowed emails to the real mailbox by means of .qmail aliases (or other means that chkusr can use to determine if the mailbox exists), which it seems to me would be necessary for chkusr to see the email address as a valid one.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

chkusr is still doing a great job here but we are getting a lot of spams to valid addresses. tmda would probably nix most of that if we could get it going.


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