Hi Vince,

it looks like I'm continuosly using the wrong call, in these patch over patch sequences.

Probably I should have used "byte_chr" (look starting from left) instead of "byte_rchr" (look starting from right).


May you please confirm me if using the "byte_chr" call solves all problems?



At 20/09/03 20/09/03 -0400, Vince Worthington wrote:
Vince Worthington wrote:

Hi Antonio!

So next I tried to send a message to [EMAIL PROTECTED] Not exactly the right kind of format for a TMDA tagged address, but if I understand what the TMDA add-on code should to do chkusr, chkusr should find the [EMAIL PROTECTED] email account, and accept [EMAIL PROTECTED] as a valid user (right?). But I did not get an "OK" back from qmail-smtpd after entering the recipient address, like I do when entering the "bare" email address ([EMAIL PROTECTED]). It just hangs, and never comes back - I have to kill the PID.

I have since also attempted to send to a valid tmda-enabled dated email address ([EMAIL PROTECTED]), and it hangs during SMTP, immediately after specifying the RCPT, rather than the SMTP server responding OK and waiting for more input. It works as it should if I specify [EMAIL PROTECTED] as a recipient, but I will of course be requested to confirm the email, and with qmail-smtpd running as it is now, it will not be possible to confirm (since to confirm, the smtp server has to accept and properly process an email to tmdatest-confirm-827389723nsdfk,dsljd;[EMAIL PROTECTED] the changes to the chkusr patch seem to be hanging qmail-smtpd when any kind of
hyphen-extended email address is specified as a RCPT.

I used vadduser-tmda to add the TMDA setup to this email account, which resulted in .qmail-tmdatest and .qmail-tmdatest-default (symlink to .qmail-tmdatest) being created in the main virtual domain directory. (/usr/local/vpopmail/domains/lvwnet.com). Although I did try putting another symlink .qmail-tmdatest-default in the Maildir of the tmdatest mailbox, just to see if it would make any difference (it didn't).

It seems to be narrowed down to something in the extra 10 lines of code of the chkusr patch, unless I need to copy ALL of the newly-compiled files from the new qmail build over to /var/qmail. I really thought I could just copy over the new qmail-smtpd, since if I'm not mistaken that's all I had to copy over when first using the original chkusr patch.

I'm gonna look at the code some more. I really hate being so dumb about C.


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