Sorry if this questions was made before, I'm using 5.2.1 with rh 6.2, but
now I'm Installing RH9 whit 5.3.7 in a new box to test
Everything is working good until now, but when I try to change the limits
for a domain I get the next error:
vmysql  store result failed
Failed to vset_limits

BUT, the result IS stored!
Checking the code I find...:
    if (!(res_update = mysql_store_result(&mysql_update))) {
        fprintf(stderr, "vmysql: store result failed\n");
        return -1;

>From the manual:
mysql_store_result() returns a null pointer if the query didn't return a
result set (if the query was, for example, an INSERT statement).
mysql_store_result() also returns a null pointer if reading of the result
set failed. You can check if you got an error by checking if mysql_error()
doesn't return a null pointer, if mysql_errno() returns <> 0, or if
mysql_field_count() returns <> 0.
An empty result set is returned if there are no rows returned. (An empty
result set differs from a null pointer as a return value.)
Once you have called mysql_store_result() and got a result back that isn't a
null pointer, you may call mysql_num_rows() to find out how many rows are in
the result set.

I made a stupid patch to solve this problem, but may be all the code must be
I'm in the proceess to call vset_limits from vadddomain to simply the
proccess of add domains
I changed some error message too (only added or changed the number/letter)

This is the right place for this ?

Pablo Murillo

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