On Monday, September 22, 2003, at 12:21 PM, X-Istence wrote:
+       chmod 700 $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/@domains_dir@
+       chown -R @vpouser@ $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@
+       chgrp -R @vpopgroup@ $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@
+       chown -R root $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/lib
+       chgrp -R root $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/lib

If @vpopmaildir@ is /usr/local, you've just screwed up a LOT of stuff. This is what we're trying to avoid.

We need to insert something in Makefile.am like this:

if test ! -r $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/bin; then \
$(INSTALL) -d -g @vpopgroup@ -m 0755 -o @vpopuser@ $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/bin \

But it needs to happen before Makefile installs the programs.

There should also be something I can set that will alter the options INSTALL uses when installing the programs, so we get the permissions correct on them as well.

If no one has ideas, I'll look into it. I think that it is possible to use install to create directories (and set their permissions) if they don't exist, and to leave them alone (and not alter permissions) if they don't exist.

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