Tom Collins wrote:
On Thursday, September 18, 2003, at 03:11 AM, X-Istence wrote:
And the winner is:

drwxr-x--- 2 root wheel 512 Sep 17 22:37 bin

We've been working on the to avoid trashing permissions on bin and lib when installing to /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/lib instead of /home/vpopmail/bin and /home/vpopmail/lib.

If someone would like to submit a patch to, I'd appreciate it. Or even just let me know the order that Makefile installs sections in, so I can include a section to create bin and lib (with appropriate permissions) if they don't exist.

Tom Collins
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COMMONSOURCES=vpopmail.c md5.c bigdir.c vauth.c file_lock.c vpalias.c seek.c vlimits.c maildirquota.c

AM_INSTALL_PROGRAM_FLAGS= -o @vpopuser@ -m 711 -g @vpopgroup@ 


libvpopmail_a_LIBADD =  cdb/*.o

vpopmailbin_PROGRAMS = vchkpw vdelivermail clearopensmtp vadddomain \
 vdeldomain vpasswd vadduser vdeluser vaddaliasdomain vsetuserquota \
 vpopbull vdeloldusers vmoduser valias vuserinfo vmkpasswd vipmap \
 vdominfo vconvert vqmaillocal vkill vmoddomlimits
vuserinfo_SOURCES = vuserinfo.c maildirquota.c
vuserinfo_LDADD = libvpopmail.a @auth_libs@

vdominfo_SOURCES = vdominfo.c
vdominfo_LDADD = libvpopmail.a @auth_libs@

vchkpw_SOURCES = vchkpw.c md5.c hmac_md5.c
vchkpw_LDADD = libvpopmail.a @auth_libs@

vdelivermail_SOURCES = vdelivermail.c maildirquota.c
vdelivermail_LDADD = libvpopmail.a @auth_libs@

vqmaillocal_SOURCES = vqmaillocal.c 
vqmaillocal_LDADD = libvpopmail.a @auth_libs@

vkill_SOURCES = vkill.c 
vkill_LDADD = libvpopmail.a @auth_libs@

clearopensmtp_SOURCES = clearopensmtp.c
clearopensmtp_LDADD = libvpopmail.a @auth_libs@

vadddomain_SOURCES = vadddomain.c 
vadddomain_LDADD = libvpopmail.a @auth_libs@

vdeldomain_SOURCES = vdeldomain.c 
vdeldomain_LDADD = libvpopmail.a @auth_libs@

vpasswd_SOURCES = vpasswd.c 
vpasswd_LDADD = libvpopmail.a @auth_libs@

vadduser_SOURCES = vadduser.c
vadduser_LDADD = libvpopmail.a  @auth_libs@

vdeluser_SOURCES = vdeluser.c 
vdeluser_LDADD = libvpopmail.a @auth_libs@

vaddaliasdomain_SOURCES = vaddaliasdomain.c 
vaddaliasdomain_LDADD = libvpopmail.a @auth_libs@

vsetuserquota_SOURCES = vsetuserquota.c 
vsetuserquota_LDADD = libvpopmail.a @auth_libs@

vpopbull_SOURCES = vpopbull.c 
vpopbull_LDADD = libvpopmail.a @auth_libs@

vdeloldusers_SOURCES = vdeloldusers.c 
vdeloldusers_LDADD = libvpopmail.a @auth_libs@

vconvert_SOURCES = vconvert.c 
vconvert_LDADD = libvpopmail.a  @auth_libs@

vmoduser_SOURCES = vmoduser.c 
vmoduser_LDADD = libvpopmail.a  @auth_libs@

valias_SOURCES = valias.c 
valias_LDADD = libvpopmail.a  @auth_libs@

vmkpasswd_SOURCES = vmkpasswd.c 
vmkpasswd_LDADD = libvpopmail.a  @auth_libs@

vipmap_SOURCES = vipmap.c 
vipmap_LDADD = libvpopmail.a  @auth_libs@

vmoddomlimits_SOURCES = vmoddomlimits.c
vmoddomlimits_LDADD = libvpopmail.a  @auth_libs@

DEFS=-I. @auth_inc@ 

	$(INSTALL) -d -g @vpopgroup@ -m 0700 -o @vpopuser@ \

	$(INSTALL) -d $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/etc
	echo "[EMAIL PROTECTED]@/include" > @vpopmaildir@/etc/inc_deps
	echo "[EMAIL PROTECTED]@/lib -lvpopmail @auth_libs@" > @vpopmaildir@/etc/lib_deps

	if test "@USE_MYSQL@" = "1"; then \
	  if test ! -r $(MYSQLCONF); then \
	    echo "# MySQL settings, line 1 is config for read-only," > $(MYSQLCONF); \
	    echo "# line 2 is config for update.  Settings for each" >> $(MYSQLCONF); \
	    echo "# line: server|port|user|password|database" >> $(MYSQLCONF); \
	    echo "localhost|0|root|secret|vpopmail" >> $(MYSQLCONF); \
	  fi ; \
	  chown @vpopuser@  $(MYSQLCONF) ; \
	  chgrp @vpopgroup@ $(MYSQLCONF) ; \
	  chmod 0600        $(MYSQLCONF) ; \

	$(INSTALL) -d $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/lib
	$(INSTALL) -o root -m 0644 \
	  libvpopmail.a $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/lib/libvpopmail.a

	$(INSTALL) -d $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/include
	$(INSTALL) -o @vpopuser@ -m 0444 -g @vpopgroup@ \
	  config.h $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/include/vpopmail_config.h

	$(INSTALL) -o @vpopuser@ -m 0444 -g @vpopgroup@ \
	  vpopmail.h config.h vauth.h vlimits.h \

	$(INSTALL) -d $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/doc/man_html
	$(INSTALL) -d $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/doc/doc_html
	$(INSTALL) -o @vpopuser@ -m 0444 -g @vpopgroup@ \
	  doc/man_html/* $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/doc/man_html/

	$(INSTALL) -o @vpopuser@ -m 0444 -g @vpopgroup@ \
	  doc/doc_html/* $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/doc/doc_html/

	if test -r $(MYSQLCONF); then \
	  chown @vpopuser@  $(MYSQLCONF) ; \
	  chgrp @vpopgroup@ $(MYSQLCONF) ; \
	  chmod 0600        $(MYSQLCONF) ; \
+	chmod 700 $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/@domains_dir@
+	chown -R @vpouser@ $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@
+	chgrp -R @vpopgroup@ $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@
+	chown -R root $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/lib
+	chgrp -R root $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/lib
-	@echo "If the recursive chown is taking a long time"
-	@echo "go ahead and break out of it by pressing control-C"
-	@echo "this is the last stage of the install and can be skipped" 
-	chmod 700 $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/@domains_dir@
-	chown -R @vpopuser@  $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/@domains_dir@
-	chgrp -R @vpopgroup@ $(DESTDIR)@vpopmaildir@/@domains_dir@

AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = foreign no-dependencies

// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
This would have the desired effect that wed want, dont know if its the way it should be done though.
I'm stupid that i didnt come to this conclusion myself.


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