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::Also, I had to change a few things to fet this to work for me, like the
::locations of the binaries, and the X-Spam-Status header name, etc.

I also have a more up to date version of the clamscan wrapper shell that is
listed in the archives. It is available from http://mail.ala.net/spam/

It uses clamdscan/clamd now instead of just clamdscan... It isn't terribly
secure, but does work... There was some talk about having it included in the
clamscan distro in the contrib section but I don't know if the developers
have done that yet.

As an aside, you don't _have_ to have the QMAILQUEUE patch to run
qmail-scanner. You can simply copy the old qmail-queue application out of
the way to something like qmail-queue.orig and modify the source of the
qmail-scanner app to find the original version of qmail-queue to hand off to
and just name the qmail-scanner app to be qmail-queue. This method does not
allow you to be selective on what you scan, like the QMAILQUEUE patch method
allows however.

Just some clarification on that.

Tom Walsh
Network Administrator

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