W.D. McKinney writes:

> Error: Domain does not exist
> Error: Domain already exists

Vpopmail does not gracefully deal with inconsistencies in various files
and directory structures.  In my opinion, vdeldomain should remove all
traces of a domain before complaining of any inconsistencies.  I.e., it
should do what I have to do manually if there is an inconsistency rather
than griping about an inconsistency and bombing out.  I think vadddomain
ought to be smarter too, and fix an incompletely-added domain, but I can
live with it being stupid if vdeldomain can be used to wipe out all traces
of a domain despite inconsistencies.

Go to the vpopmail domains directory and delete the domain directory
(if this is an alias domain then old versions of vpopmail will have
created a soft link for it while newer versions will have created
nothing for it).  Go to the qmail control directory and remove the domain 
from rctphosts or morercpthosts (if it was in morercpthosts then run 
qmail-newmrh after removing it) and remove it from virtualhosts.  Go to the
qmail users directory and remove it from assign then run qmail-newu.  Then,
and only then, complain about any inconsistencies you found.

Paul Allen
Softflare Support

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